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Annual Report : RIDS-Nepal 2018

We have been working with RIDS-Nepal for number of years now. The implementation of Family of 4 project in Dopa-Kholapari has helped the holistic community development of the villages through installation of Smokeless stoves, pit-latrines, clean drinking water, and solar electricity. We were also able to contribute towards high altitude greenhouses to grow vegetables that would help sustain the lives of villagers.

This is a sustainable development project with locals taking initiative and responsibility of the project which ensures that infrastructures and project itself are looked after for a long run.

The reports highlights the following –

In 2018, we were able to build and install in Dopa-Kholapari villages with 3 families new Pit Latrines and with 12 families installed a new RIDS-Nepal smokeless metal stove respectively. With 10 families we built high-altitude Greenhouses. Further, 2 new improved water mills have been built with the whole village community for the benefit of all the 105 families. All these families were trained in the correct use and maintenance of their new infrastructure. One new student from Dopa village passed the Karnali Technical School (KTS) admission test and thus has been enrolled for his 2½ years course sub-overseer apprenticeship in Jumla.

To find out more about the project development and implementation in the year gone by – please download and annual report prepared by RIDS-Nepal.

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