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Everest: Movie Event

Alex Zahnd - RIDS Nepal

Our recent fundraising event on Saturday, 19 September 2015 – movie screening of Everest went down really well. Once again our friends and supporters poured their heart out. It was an afternoon of catch up, socialising, and fun. The best part was we could have all that fun and at the same time raise much needed fund for our development projects in Nepal. Its events like these that bring people together, share their experiences and build better networks needed for the successful implementation of the project on ground.

The event started with the project introduction provided by Alex Zahnd of RIDS-Nepal on BIG screen before the movie started. Audience later told us that it was a great introduction for Nepal and our projects in Humla and Jumla region straight from Alex. The short movie introduced our ‘Family of 4” project that has helped numerous families in Dopa and Kholapari villages with – Smokeless Metal Stoves (SMS), pit latrines, solar electricity, and clean drinking water. You can view the video of SMS installation and the benefits the project has provided to the families with this YouTube link.

The movie itself was able to touch many hearts. It introduced Nepal to many who had never been there. It told stories of hardships and determination of mountaineers and Sherpa guides. We had few teary eyes by the end of it and glad to know that everyone enjoyed the movie. The feedback for the movie itself was great and has been recommended by our movie-goers as a “must-watch” movie for the year.

We were able to raise just over $650 from the event. This might seem not much but it is enough to provide SMS to five families. The flow-on effect is that these families will now cook their meals in smokeless kitchen; they won’t suffer from smoke inhalation disease; have a clean home; and the food will taste a whole lot better. The major beneficiaries are the kids who will get a better life – just because you chose to act and spend your time in a charitable movie event. So, thanks to you all for your participation and contribution in changing lives of people in Dopa and Kholapari villages. A step in the right direction is all we need. We will get to our destination sooner or later. If you would like to donate to our projects, please Donate via PayPal. We will need all the help we can get.

We would like to thank event sponsor - Orion Law for believing in us and supporting our cause.

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