Movie night

Fundraising Movie Event – White Sun

Fundraising movie night

What an amazing movie it was! Thank you so much for turning up and supporting our projects in Nepal. We raised just under $1000 and that is a great achievement.

This means that we can install at least 10 Smokeless metal stoves in the villages. The snowball effect is that - 10 families who will directly benefit from smokeless environment and improving the whole family’s health drastically who otherwise would be suffering from smoke related diseases. This also has environmental benefit with fewer trees being cut for firewood. Families, especially women now have more time to spend time with their children or engage in upskilling to learn handicrafts and trade. This is a reason why we are investing in holistic community development designed and implemented by RIDS-Nepal. All credit to Dr Alex Zahnd who has been tirelessly working in the region for decades. So- Thank you!

The response from our supporters who attended the fundraising movie event was that – It was a great movie and didn’t wanted it to end. It had so many stories and they were threaded beautifully. White Sun - A movie by Deepak Rauniyar was simply great. No wonder it has won several awards in the international arena. A great piece of art indeed.

Finally, this wouldn’t have been possible without our event sponsors who helped us organise the event. A massive Thank you to our Title sponsor – Sagepath for their generosity. Also thanks to Himali Gurkha Nepalese Restaurant and SKM Furniture for their support. We are grateful and hope to work together in future as well.

If you would like to donate to your projects - you can do so at:
— with Dr Alex Zahnd.

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