Hilary Wallace speaking at the fundraising Sunday Lunch

Lunch with Dr Hilary Wallace

Dr Hilary Wallace speaking at the fundraising Sunday lunch

What an amazing afternoon it was! Thank you to all those who attended our fundraising lunch with Dr Hilary Wallace – in person or donating it to the event. We got an opportunity to hear from Dr Wallace about her work in Nepal in collaboration with Notre Dame University and people of Nepal.

We will make the presentation available soon through our social media and on this website. The talk was inspiring and focussed on how individuals can make a difference in the lives of those in need. Many times, it does not have to be larger organisations that can help but everyone at individual level can bring about a change through persistence and passion.

We cannot thank enough to our gorgeous dance performer – Lisa Shrestha, for presenting a classic Nepali dance and introducing the Perth locals to a culture dear to our heart. It was mesmerising. Everyone enjoyed the lunch and few won our valuable raffle prizes as well. Congrats to our all three winners!

We have managed to raise close to $1500. This means a lot to our beneficiaries and will go a long way in bringing about positive change in the lives of many that simply cannot afford basic necessities of living. Once again, we would like to thank you all and hope to see you all in our future programs to help our projects. Please keep in touch with us through our social media and our website.

Cultural dance performed by Lisa during the event.

You can view photos from the event on our Facebook page here.

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