Rebuilding school in Dharan – Update

Dharan is located in the east of Nepal with a mixed population, including migrants from nearby villages and hillside. With the increase in population so did the slums, leading to issues in providing better education and employment in the slums.

Lunch with Dr Alex Zahnd

Fundraising lunch with Dr Alex Zahnd

We have been contributing towards RIDS-Nepal’s “Family of Four” and “Family of Four Plus” programmes in Humla and Jumla region. This works on providing basic-necessities such as toilets, electricity, clean drinking water, and smokeless stoves.

Fundraising dinner

Special thanks to Dr. Hilary Wallace for being our Speaker for the night and shedding some light on the importance of Play Therapy for special children in Nepal.

Every Little Bit Helps

After Nepal was struck by the terrible earthquake in April 2015, some friends and I gathered together at my house for an afternoon tea. We all provided a plate to share and made donations for Friends of Nepal.

Play Therapy Workshop held in Kathmandu

In February 2016 the first child-centred play therapy training course was held in Nepal. People who remember “Dibs in Search of Self” by Virginia Axline will understand the power of play therapy to transform the lives of children who have been traumatized.

Women in agriculture

Training for flood affected families

Friends of Nepal – Australia Inc was able to extend a small helping hand to the flood affected families in Guptipur village under Birendranagar Municipality. Our small help of AUD1000 has a gone a long way in making the community stand up again.

Alex Zahnd - RIDS Nepal

Everest: Movie Event

We were able to raise just over $650 from the event. This might seem not much but it is enough to provide SMS to five families.


Spring Festival 2015

We organised a multicultural themed event  – Spring Festival on the 5th September. The event was supported by Fremantle Multicultural Centre, Helping Minds (formally ARAFMI) and City of Cockburn.


Fundraising Sunday Lunch for School

Sunday, 15 February 2015 The fundraising Sunday Lunch was held at recently opened Annapurna Nepalese Kitchen in Highgate. The purpose of the event was to raise necessary fund to re-build Ananta Primary School in Dharan, Nepal.


Fundraising Lunch for Sherpas

An event was held to support Sherpa families affected by tragic avalanche on Mt Everest on 18 April and to commemorate brave Sherpa souls who lost their lives.