Women in agriculture

Training for flood affected families

Friends of Nepal – Australia Inc was able to extend a small helping hand to the flood affected families in Guptipur village under Birendranagar Municipality. Our small help of AUD1000 has a gone a long way in making the community stand up again. Below is the report presented to us by Sister Rosita who was there at the time of need. We thank you for your time and generous heart.

This just goes to show no matter how small your contribution, it has a lasting impact on those benefit from it.

…they learned to prepare home made pesticides and natural manure in order to combat with the unhealthy chemical, pesticides and manuresSister Rosita
Navjyoti center has been successful in conducting training for High Value Crops in Guptipur village under Birendranagar Municipality. This village has been very badly affected by the flood of August 2014. 22 weeks of farmer field schools was conducted for them in various crops such as cucumber, bitter gourd, snake gourd, bottle gourd, pumpkin, tomato and beans. They learned through theory and practicals. There were 27 participants 25 women and 2 men consisting of Dalits, ethnic groups and others. Since the farmers did not have much land they hired a plot of land for learning purpose. They learned much from this method and was enthusiastic to work in groups. They also learned to prepare their weekly reports. Some of the products were distributed among the participants for consumption and the rest was sold in the local market which motivated the farmers. The training came to conclusion at the end of September. A function was organized at the site in the village where sister Rosita was the chief guest. Local leaders, representatives of political parties, other organizations, school teachers and local people were present. Participant presented reports and songs based on the learnings. They were given certificates. The speakers and participants were grateful to Navjyoti center and Navjyoti cooperative for selecting the village for the training where Navjyoti women’s group and the local farmers from flood affected families. According to them they learned to prepare home made pesticides and natural manure in order to combat with the unhealthy chemical, pesticides and manures. They learned from experience that they could produce more crop at low cost and the production was double than the traditional practice. They are determined to make agriculture as a business for income generation. At the end of the program a sumptions meal was served for all according to the traditional Tharu Culture. God blessed the group by a shower which offered much solace to the farmers.

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