Health worker in health post

Update on Ladap School and Health post

Rod and Deb from NAFA Queensland have returned from their Nepal visit in Ladap and Tawal. They have brought some good news along with them that we would like to share with you – our generous supporters! The funds that you contributed towards rebuilding classrooms that were demolished in the last major earthquake has been working hard. The rebuild is almost complete and ready for handover in February 2019.

Rod and Deb are pretty excited about the project and sends you their sincere thanks for being a part of the project. NAFA is very appreciative of every single contribution that goes in to help those in need. Below are the some of the photos from their recent visit.  According to Rod’s photo report –

  • Stretcher is used a lot. The man on the right side of the photo is Beg Tamang, the health coordinator and the man on the left had just had a cut on his head stitched by Beg.
  • Bed in the temporary health post. They will stay there until the toilet block at the school is rebuilt. The woman in the photo is one of the two female health workers, both of whom have completed midwife training.
  • Children in front of the new classrooms at Ladap, including the one that was partially funded by the supporters Friends of Nepal.
  • Friends of Nepal plaque – which the community presented to be installed outside the classroom. This plaque is a symbol for all our supporters who have been with us and helping us as our Friends of Nepal family.

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