Friends of Nepal – Australia Inc is a not-for-profit organisation. It was established in 1999 and incorporated in 2005, to raise funds to assist various projects in Nepal, and to establish links with Nepali people living in Perth. Committee members are volunteers, who dedicate their time out of a love for Nepal and its people. We thank you for your support, which will help us to fund those less fortunate than ourselves.

Essentially the organisation was started casually in 1999 by a group of ex trekkers who raised funds to support the Helpless Childrens’ Mother Centre in Kathmandu. Further ad-hoc projects were funded as requests were received and it was decided to formalise the process and become incorporated in 2005.

Many other from different walks of life have since joined the group. With diverse skill-set we moved forward to be able to offer more diverse fundraising and cultural activities which has helped us to engage with the Nepali Community here in Perth.

We are essentially a non-denominational, non-political small group with a committee of 9. Prospective beneficiaries can apply to us for funding via our website and to date we have funded many ‘grassroots’ projects:

In healthcare area we have funded several projects including :

Kanti Children’s Hospital – Kathmandu : Provided beds and bedding for the parents hostel
Bir Hospital Burns Unit – Kathmandu : In an ongoing basis, we have funded drugs and dressings for disadvantaged patients. In October 2013 we hosted a fundraising lunch for the nurses and doctors who were on an exchange visit to the Burn Unit at Royal Perth Hospital under the supervision of Professor Fiona Wood’s burns unit staff.
Arniko Dental Hospital – Bhaktapur : Funding was sent to the hospital to provide dental screening for 6,000 school aged children over a two year period.
In the area of Education our funding has provided: teacher’s salaries, classroom furniture, libraries

Our main current beneficiary is a community based programme, RIDS-Nepal. This project is run by a group which provides, solar panels, smokeless stoves, pit latrines and sand water filters to two villages in the Humla region. It runs a sustainable holistic community development projects in the Humla-Jumla region of Nepal.