Classroom block for kids

Classroom for children in Ladap

We would like to update you on what has been happening with the rebuilding of school block for children at Ladap village. As reported previously, we were able to fund $5000 towards the rebuild of a classroom in Ladap. This project is managed by Nepal Australia Friendship Association Qld Incorporated (NAFA). We are so pleased to update that construction of …

Fundraising Movie Event – White Sun

What an amazing movie it was! Thank you so much for turning up and supporting our projects in Nepal. We raised just under $1000 and that is a great achievement. This means that we can install at least 10 Smokeless metal stoves in the villages. The snowball effect is that – 10 families who will directly benefit from smokeless environment …

First phase : Inside new school in Ladap

Rebuilding school in Ladap

Friends of Nepal – Australia Inc. has been able to fund $333 for a replacement of a stretcher and bed for the Tawal health centre and also fund $5000 towards the rebuild of a classroom in Ladap. This project is managed by Nepal Australia Friendship Association Qld Incorporated (NAFA).

Rebuilding school in Dharan – Update

Dharan is located in the east of Nepal with a mixed population, including migrants from nearby villages and hillside. With the increase in population so did the slums, leading to issues in providing better education and employment in the slums. Youth Vision Society has been providing employment/empowerment opportunities for women and education for children in the area for a number …

Lunch with Dr Alex Zahnd

Fundraising lunch with Dr Alex Zahnd

We have been contributing towards RIDS-Nepal’s “Family of Four” and “Family of Four Plus” programmes in Humla and Jumla region. This works on providing basic-necessities such as toilets, electricity, clean drinking water, and smokeless stoves. Family of Four plus also provides for high altitude greenhouses, education and training, and overall capacity building of the villages. This has led to healthier lifestyle of the local community, esp. children who were suffering from indoor air pollution and malnutrition.

Fundraising dinner

The event was attended by personalities from various walk of life who found a common theme to celebrate – “Helping build better Nepal”. We are thankful to our Hon. Consul for Nepal – Mr Fred Brown for addressing our supporters and also reading out an encouraging message from Embassy of Nepal in Canberra supporting our effort in helping out lives in Nepal. Special thanks to Dr. Hilary Wallace for being our Speaker for the night and shedding some light on the importance of Play Therapy for special children in Nepal. Thanks to Dr. Alex Zahnd for Skype session from Switzerland and speaking about RIDS-Nepal and Family of Four project. All proceeds from the event will go towards this project in Humla and Jumla region.

Every Little Bit Helps

After Nepal was struck by the terrible earthquake in April 2015, some friends and I gathered together at my house for an afternoon tea. We all provided a plate to share and made donations for Friends of Nepal. Little did we realise at the time that this would lead to a variety of fundraising ideas over the next 12 months. …

Play Therapy Workshop held in Kathmandu

Play therapy allows the child to act out difficult or confusing life experiences in a safe way, and the therapist’s relationship with the child lets the child know, “I am a person worth caring for”. Together with Community Development and Research Organization Nepal (CORD-Nepal) we created a play therapy training opportunity supported by Friends of Nepal, the Rotary Club of …

Women in agriculture

Training for flood affected families

Friends of Nepal – Australia Inc was able to extend a small helping hand to the flood affected families in Guptipur village under Birendranagar Municipality. Our small help of AUD1000 has a gone a long way in making the community stand up again. Below is the report presented to us by Sister Rosita who was there at the time of …

Alex Zahnd - RIDS Nepal

Everest: Movie Event

Our recent fundraising event on Saturday, 19 September 2015 – movie screening of Everest went down really well. Once again our friends and supporters poured their heart out. It was an afternoon of catch up, socialising, and fun. The best part was we could have all that fun and at the same time raise much needed fund for our development …