Help those affected by floods in Jumla, Nepal

The recent flash floods in Jumla, Nepal has devastated the community with loss of lives. We work with RIDS-Nepal, an NGO that is working in the Chaura and Chhuma village for sustainable development of the community.

RIDS-Nepal had installed water mills for crops with the help of the locals to empower the community in 2016. With the recent floods these mills were severely damaged and infrastructure washed away leaving the community in peril who depended on these mills for their economic viability.

This is an urgent call to the community to band together and help raise some much needed funds to reconstruct the mills so that the community can sustain itself in these difficult times. This project will help approximately 400 families in both villages.

We would like to thank you in advance.

You can also make bank transfer to our account –

Friends of Nepal – Australia Inc
BSB : 016-266
Account No : 190803719

Reference – JUMLA MILLS

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