Annual Report 2019 : Syanda-Chari Village

RIDS – Nepal staff Sunita Buddha teaching a woman how to use the new SMS

In partnership and financial support with various philanthropic organisations from Switzerland, various private people and Friends of Nepal – Australia (with a participation of AUD 3’000 in 2019), RIDS-Switzerland/Nepal was able to continue the project partnership with the Syanda-Chari village community throughout 2019 in developing and implementing its project entitled “Syanda Village Holistic Community Development Project in Humla, Nepal”. The duration of the project is set from January 2018 to December 2022, permitting funds are available

The annual report for the project is now available for download.

This report summarizes and reports the list of activities accomplished from January to December 2019. So far, all planned projects have been implemented successfully as part of the HCD project (“Family of 4”) in the Syanda-Chari project partnering village, in the upper north-western part of the Humla district, Nepal’s second least developed district.

The implemented projects have brought up to now the following main changes in living conditions for the local people and families.

  • There is a visible change in personal hygiene and the overall village environment. The individual households, as well as the village surroundings, are cleaner, thereby improving the overall living conditions, hygiene and sanitation.
  • People have improved cooking and heating systems in their houses which has created a smoke free indoor environment, ensuring better overall health especially in the long term.
  • Families consume now up to 50% less firewood for their daily energy services such as cooking, room heating and water heating.
  • Less time for firewood collection, especially for women and young girls, needs to be invested since they use their new SMS.
  • Households have access to clean and sufficient drinking water from their village tap stands.
  • Happy and satisfactory faces of women, men and their children sharing their experiences and success stories of the HCD project in their village.

The village Syanda-Chari village community expresses their thanks and gratitude to RIDS-Switzerland/Nepal, the various philanthropic organizations and private people from Switzerland as well as from Friends of Nepal – Australia, for the financial contributions which helped them to bring such varied positive changes in their lives and village communities in 2019. Further, the villagers are very encouraged and fully committed to continue their partnership with RIDS-Nepal, to continue addressing their existing and newly identified needs.

The active voluntary participation of the local people in this project, and the resulting visible successes as identified above, achieved in this short span of time, are commendable. However, there remain still many challenges that the community faces and many identified needs that need to be addressed. Thus, in order to address these, as well as continue the ongoing work of awareness raising, capacity building and follow-up, RIDS-Switzerland/Nepal intends to continue the long term HCD project implementation commitment with the Syanda-Chari village communities. However, in order to be able to continue this important, long-term and for the people life changing project, RIDS is requesting on behalf of the Syanda and Syanda-Chari village communities that our generous donors continue their annual financial support in 2020 as well.

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