Fundraising Sunday Lunch for School


Sunday, 15 February 2015 The fundraising Sunday Lunch was held at recently opened Annapurna Nepalese Kitchen in Highgate. The purpose of the event was to raise necessary fund to re-build Ananta Primary School in Dharan, Nepal. In 2001, numerous people were forced to migrate to Dharan with their families due to Maoist terror and/or natural calamities. The community started a study room for their children. By 2003, this tiny room had taken shape of a primary school. It was later approved by Government of Nepal as a government school.

It is now called Ananta Primary School and just over one hundred children attend the school. The school building is in dire condition and require immediate renovation to protect children from rain, heat and cold. It lacks basic infrastructure for a school. The lack of funding from the Government has made it worse. The school needs desperate help in regards to brick work, plastering and painting of the school building. This would provide a better environment for children to acquire knowledge. We received a project proposal from local community group for help re-building the school.

The fundraising lunch was organised to raise necessary funds to build a school for these children. We would like to thank our friends and community members who showed their support by either attending the event or donating to the cause. The lunch showcased Nepalese culture and heritage in a dance performed by our members – Sanu, Sushma, Jyoti, Sabina, and Laxmi. The dance portrayed Nepalese unity in diversity with dance from various ethnic background. Mani Rai, one of the executive members, provided a briefing on the project and the importance of community funding in the lives of these needy children. The program was followed by sumptuous Nepalese cuisine. Raffles were drawn and we had happy winners too! The event was successful in raising much needed fund.

We raised just under $2500 including the money from raffles and donations from our very generous community members. We will keep you updated on the project through our social media and website. Once again, thanks to all our friends, family and supporters for making this event a success.

Our thanks also goes to Annapurna Nepalese Kitchen for cooking up a gorgeous meal for all of us. See you all at our next event.

Please visit our Facebook page for more pictures from the event.

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